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gyakusai_hostc's Journal

Gyakuten Saiban Host/Hostess Club
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All Members , Moderated
Gyakuten Saiban (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney) and its characters belong to Capcom.

Gourd Lake Park Hotel Highest Level.
..Wandering along the corridors, towards an empty hotel room...
One glance was all it took to realise that...
It's a Host Club!

Welcome to the Host Club!

This Host Club was set up by two people who had too much time on their hands...
For the purpose of serving rich people who had too much time on their hands.

A luxurious first class playground for super rich people.



-Each player has to keep a RP journal (a LiveJournal dedicated solely to your character) and all entries are to be written in first person. Rp journal should be updated once every week. If you have a reason for not being able to do so, notify everyone on your RP journal.

-All players have to interact with each other at least once a month.
RP logs are to be written in third person.

-Post your RP log behind a LJ-cut. Here's the format:

When it happened:
[LJ-cut of the RP log]

-Each player can role-play up to 2 characters. Your second character must not be in the same job as your first character. This means that, if your first character is a host/hostess, then your second character can only be a customer.
If your first character is a customer, then your second character can only be a host/hostess.

-No reservations of characters please.

-Changing of characters is strongly discouraged. However, if you really REALLY need to change characters, please leave me a note at the applications page, explaining why you need to change your character. Once I accept your explanation, you can fill in the application form for your new character.

-This is an Alternate Universe RP community. The hosts and hostess do not need to work as lawyers or whatever.

-Any kind of pairing, be it yaoi, yuri or het, is welcomed in this community.

An Introduction to the World of Host Clubs

List of Taken Characters

Application Form

-Thanks to Bisco Hatori for writing Ouran High School Host Club and inspiring me to make this community.
-Wikipedia for its explaination on Host club.

This story is a work of fiction. Other than the ones stated above, there is no relation to
any people, organizations, events, or other names and phenomena. It's all made up. If
anything seems familiar, it's just your imagination.